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Isaac Mendez
03 June 2007 @ 08:42 pm
Isaac likes white, clean light. Not just to paint and sketch--though that is a large part of it--but because he feels like he can be in it again. Granted, it's a secure facility, he can't leave, there's no saying when he'll be allowed to leave. And if he can't manage to have a vision clean, he doesn't know what They'll do to him. He likes Eden, very much (maybe more than he ought to, but if he doesn't admit it, then no-one has to know) but he doesn't know how much he can trust her. But he doesn't know how much of what he remembers are feverish dreams, hallucinations from coming down from the smack, worse than anything they even thought of in that Trainspotting movie. Did she make him take another hit when he was here, or was that just leftover garbage draining out of him?

Isaac doesn't know. He doesn't know how much he cares. He's clean. And he'll get out of here, no matter what he has to do. There's a world to save, and he can't do it sitting in this little room, no matter how clean and airy it is. He has work to do and now he stands a shot at doing it. He just has to get out of here and get started. So he'll wait for his chance, sketching like They want him to, nothing suspicious, nothing out of the ordinary. His moment will come. He just has to wait for it.

So, he waits.
Isaac Mendez
12 October 2006 @ 02:56 am
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